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One Leg King Pigeon Pose

Together we will ease the stress of the mind that may arise through life’s temporary struggles by sharing safe, motivational, & challenging movement meditations with the use of creative Hatha & Ashtanga inspired vinyasa flow sequences!

With regular practice, we’ll assist with the improvement your mental and physical strength, balance and flexibility.

“Leaving the people and places you love, is a reminder of the impermanence of this life. And the permanence of the next.” – Yasmin Mogahed


Lengthen * Strengthen * Balance * Heal

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Here are the yoga classes we provide

Stretch & De-Stress

Foundational Flow Each class aims to connect you to the foundations of your body through breath synchronization, fluid...

Mia McDonald

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blog updates

The Musings of an Expat Yogi...

Transfer Season Blues?

During this month together we’ll focus on developing home/office/travel practices that will keep you mindful, grateful, spiritually connected and hopefully...


In the day there is but one light; in the night there are many. Every man and every woman is...

Breathe Victoriously

What’s Ujjayi Breath anyway?

The Ujjayi  (pronounced oo-jai) breath is an ancient yogic pranayama technique that is essentially a mindful way to link breath with...

Mia, I do not know what I am going to do without your class when you move on to your next adventure! I have looked forward to my Wednesday mornings with you and will miss not only your instruction, but your sense of calm. Thank you for teaching me to love yoga-you have inspired me! I wish you and your family the best, always.

Colleen Burgos
Yoga Student

Classes are paused while we reconfigure our schedule.

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